Our passion is research in international public health

Our focus is designing studies and interpreting results

We provide value to investigators by focusing our work on the underlying scientific questions:

Only then do we focus on traditional biostatistical problems including:
Finally we go back to the original question and ask the single most critical question for the final study design adopted:  Will this study whatever the result answer the question?  Unless the answer is YES, alternatives to improve the study must be considered, or the feasibility of obtaining a definitive answer needs to be reconsidered.

We have experience in all phases of medical research, ranging from pre-clinical and animal studies through post-marketing studies and quality improvement activities, with extensive experience in international public health.  Links on the left provide details of our services, examples of our work, and more background on our organization.

We give preference (and discounted rates) when the opportunity for collaboration arises with individual investigators, foundations, and NGOs focusing on international public health problems.

We look forward to working with you.